About Our Services

Advertising & Marketing has evolved from a message to a conversation. Today's consumers are being engaged at multiple points of communication. They see your ad, they hear your commercial, they visit your website, they frequent your establishment, and they build an impression about your brand - and your competitors.

We provide a full marketing 360 with a focus on analytics & Improvement.

Our Main Services
Discovery: Determine your Goals

We design and develop digital solutions that meet all your goals, and some you didn't even know you had. However, just because the internet is a vast and complex network of computers, doesn't mean your clients are best served by utilizing all it has to offer. Outlining a clear set of goals should be your first step in defining success for your project. We help you do that by first answering some project specific questions.

Define the Scope of your Project

Target your audience, allocate your content, create the design, and launch. It sounds easy because it is. But it's important to understand that successful digital design is achieved by spending 80% of your time at the conceptual stage, and 20% creating/coding. Much like building a house, it's easier to make changes at the Blue Print Stage, than to tear down walls after the house is started.

Design, Develop, Analyze & Improve

We've defined our target audience, we know that our goals will be achieved through the content we've created, we're on to Development. During this stage it's common practice to roll out portions of the site for the client to review, so they feel part of the final product. A website is a very personal effort. It's a direct extension of your brand, to that end we test the sites functionality, it's technical requirements, and push it through a rigorous examination across bandwidth variables, and web browser formats.

Strategic Consulting

Navigating the Healthcare disruption can be arduous task. We've the industry experience to assist Established Companies and Healthcare Startups in de-mystifying the new directions that the technology layer is facilitating improved patient outcomes and reducing costs.

Topics include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about working with a Digital Strategist